SEB GROUP proudly declares and presents its human talent, who are in search of constant spiritual and professional learning, for which our programs are imparted based by the purpose and the corporate culture guidelines, which empowers to find his personal mastering, generating a higher quality of life through constant disrupting training with support of coaching, starting with this way the people transformation which contributes mainly in their own life and the construction of a more equitable world.

With the previous, SEB form conscious leaders who are oriented to the satisfaction of our customers and due for the current demands of the market, for this reason, we also certify our personnel both inside and outside the country in technologies that are trends in the industry. In order to achieve this, we have the specialization necessary to recommend and define the most suitable solutions in each process of the industry that we participate.

In summary, the SEB culture motivates and invite each day to find the best version of each one and put itself at the service of the society.